Seller Representation

Why You Need Representation

Transferring residential real estate can be extremely complex. Alpharetta Title & Closing, LLC, is an attorney owned law firm, specializing in residential real estate, closing, escrow and title related services. We are a firm with significant experience representing sellers in the conveyance of residential real estate. We bring vast and varied experience to residential real estate transactions and are prepared to insure that the transfer of title to the property is properly managed.


What We Do

As a full-service closing/escrow/title attorney law firm, we are able to handle closing/escrow/title matters that arise during the conveyance of residential real estate. In addition, we are able to detect and assess any potential risks or liabilities that may interfere with the title transfer of residential real estate.


Title examinations and title searches are much more complex for residential real estate than for any other properties. residential properties are far more likely to have liens, property divisions, and ownership interests that are hidden in the deeds and documents recorded on the title records.


What to Look For In A Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Once you have made your decision to sell your residential property, your next step should be to find a closing attorney specializing in that field. It is a good idea to engage the services of an experienced Commercial/Industrial real estate attorney who will owe a fiduciary duty to ensure your interests are adequately protected during the closing process.


Your commercial/industrial real estate attorney will be familiar with local laws, tax issues and other legal issues that may arise related to the sale of your property. You can expect your Georgia commercial/industrial real estate attorney to assist you with the following tasks during the closing of your property:

  • Contract review;
  • Prepare lien searches;
  • Prepare title commitment;
  • Order and review ALTA survey;
  • Procure title insurance (for purchaser, upon request);
  • Request payoffs, from payoff lenders;
  • Review and prepare affidavits.


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