Document Preparation

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Alpharetta Title & Closing, LLC, will perform a title search and examination of the property, request inspections, make survey requirements, prepare deed/s, prepare owner’s affidavits, and a list of other tasks necessary and prior to closing your residential transaction closing, all according to the requests of our clients.


During the contingency period, Alpharetta Title & Closing, LLC, will work to gather the information and documents necessary to prepare the closing statement and closing documents.


Alpharetta Title & Closing, LLC, list of documents and information required may be revised throughout the course of the transaction as documents and information are received, the terms of the purchase agreement change, or if the parties request any additional services or products.


In any situation, wherein the purchaser or seller is not a natural born person (i.e. entity holding title, single asset, etc.), Alpharetta Title & Closing, LLC and the title insurance company’s underwriter/s must verify that the entity was properly formed and that the person/s executing the documents are duly authorized and have the power to sell and/or loan money, or to purchase and/or borrow money. The transaction cannot close until the documents are fully executed by a duly authorized representative of the entity.


Protect Your Property

Alpharetta Title & Closing, LLC will make sure all payoff lenders’ security instruments are properly satisfied on the deed records. It is upon closing, that it is critical that all cancellations and/or quit-claim releases are properly prepared, executed and recorded. The last thing you want to deal with, five years later, when you sell your residential property, is cleaning up the deed records, on an improper cancellation, for a loan, that was paid off and recorded five years ago.


Alpharetta Title & Closing, LLC will obtain information from the seller for all existing liens which will have to be satisfied and cancelled at closing. This includes information of mortgages, security deeds, tax liens, judgments and defects in title. Provided a seller is deceased, probate documents will be needed and additional affidavits and recital will need to be added to the deeds. Provided a seller is bankrupt, we will need a certified copy of the bankruptcy order.

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