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The process of buying and/or selling residential Real Estate is a complicated procedure. One of the most important aspects of every residential real estate transaction, in Georgia, is obtaining title insurance.


Why You Need a Closing Attorney

When you are refinancing, or after you negotiate a contract for the purchase of residential real estate, one of your next steps is to find a closing/title/escrow agent (attorney) who will issue a title commitment for your subject property. The purpose of title insurance is to eliminate risks of claims against the title to your property or the property that is being transferred to you. Because a standard title insurance policy serves only to protect against some potential losses and damages caused by problems relating to the ownership of the property, you should have, and a lender will require you, to secure additional coverage. Alpharetta Title & Closing, LLC, will provide such coverage by issuing endorsements to your title insurance policy.


What to Look for in a Closing Attorney

It is important to be careful as to whom you choose as your closing/title escrow agent (attorney) to issue your title commitment and title insurance policy. You should solicit the services of an experienced Georgia title insurance attorney, in this regard. There are many reasons to use a title insurance attorney, including the fiduciary duty owed to you to make known any re-issue credits to which you may be entitled. Also, it is advantageous, in terms of time and expense, to have an attorney on your side in the event a legal issue arises when title is examined or if an issue arises at the closing of your transaction. Finally, title insurance closing attorneys understand and are familiar with the expertise necessary to advise their clients of the quality of title and to make determinations of what to requirements to include, and what the final policy should look like.

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