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Escrow Services Explained

Escrow is a method of closing, in which a third party is authorized to act as escrow agent and coordinate the closing process. Sometimes the purchase and sale agreement serves as the primary escrow instructions, for both the seller and the purchaser. However, other times, a separate escrow agreement is required. It should contain all of the agreements of the parties thereto. The escrow agent usually holds money and/or legal documents on behalf of the buyer and/or seller, only to be released upon specific instructions, dictating specific occurrences. In the event of a disagreement the escrow can only be amended, changed or revoked by mutual agreement of the parties to the escrow. The escrow agent is not authorized to comply with any instructions or demands of any third person who is not a party to the escrow.


Why You Need an Escrow Agent

residential escrow settlement services protect residential property owners, lenders or other principals, in a residential real estate closing. residential escrow services work hand in hand with title related closing services.


At Alpharetta Title & Closing, LLC, you will have single-point contact, with industry leading professionals, resulting in a smooth swift closing process.


At Alpharetta Title & Closing, LLC, we offer the following service:

  • Coordinated preparation of all title requirements and payoffs;
  • Coordination of UCC searches;
  • 1031 Tax-deferred Exchange, through First American Title Insurance Company;
  • Clear authority combined with educated, experienced closers;
  • Leading-edge technology and the ability to quickly and efficiently interact, nationwide, with our clients;
  • Expert understanding of the need for quick , responsive escrow concerns, closing and recording services, for the most complex residential transactions.

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