Buyer Representation

Why you need Buyer Representation

The purchase of residential real estate is an important transaction with many legal implications. The last and most important step in a residential real estate transaction is the closing.

Once you have identified the residential property you desire to purchase, your next step should be to find a closing/escrow/title attorney to help you complete the process.

What We Do for You

Many entities, headquartered outside of Georgia, are currently investing in Georgia residential properties.    That’s where we come in.    Most of our business consists of acting as local Georgia counsel, for entities headquartered outside of Georgia.    A residential Georgia real estate attorney will be familiar with local laws, tax issues, and other legal issues that may arise related to the purchase of your Georgia residential property.

You can expect your local Georgia counsel to assist you with the following tasks during the closing of your residential real property closing:
1. Contract review
2. Earnest money
3. Escrow services
4. Title commitment
5. Title policy
6. Deed preparation
7. Document preparation
8. Affidavits
9. Corrective work
10. Re-recordings
11. Recordation

Sebastian Sam Paxin is an experienced Georgia, residential real estate closing/escrow/title lawyer who has a comprehensive understanding of Georgia real estate laws and who works diligently to provide quality legal representation for his clients.

Alpharetta Title & Closing, LLC, has closed real estate transactions for residential properties located in all of the 159 counties, within the State of Georgia.

From our office, in Alpharetta, Georgia we are able to assist our clients in achieving a  successful residential real estate transaction.    With over twenty years of residential real estate closing experience, which includes preparing and reviewing all of the required closing documents, initiating and performing title searches, resolving title matters, performing lien searches and conducting and representing all of his clients at closing, we establish a close working relationship with every client so that we are able to represent our client’s interests effectively.

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