Deposit Services

Why You Need Deposit Services

Every commercial and/or industrial transaction is unique and the main role of the title/escrow/closing attorney becomes that of a coordinator and problem solver. Handling commercial and/or industrial closings requires many skills. The professionals at Paxin Closing and Escrow, LLC, have the experience and skills necessary to manage the complex issues that arise in commercial and/or industrial closings.


Our Role in Deposit Services

A commercial and/or industrial transaction is typically opened by the lender or the purchaser’s attorneys involved in the transaction. The specific transaction information required to open a new title order may be communicated by telephone, e-mail, facsimile or in person. Please contact us for requirements needed to proceed.


Commercial and/or industrial escrow deposits can include large sums of money, held short or long periods of time, depending on instruction. Frequently multiple deposits are required through the course of the transaction, as contract contingencies are fulfilled.


Why Choose Us

Paxin Closing and Escrow, LLC, has good standing relationships with many banks with solid financial ratings to insure the safety of your deposit. Paxin Closing and Escrow, LLC, currently deposits all operating and IOLTA deposits with Wells Fargo Bank.


All parties will need to execute an Escrow Agreement, provided by Paxin Closing and Escrow, LLC, as well as provide the taxpayer identification number for the party earning interest, if any.


Paxin Closing and Escrow, LLC, will work closely with the principals and their representatives to ensure that title issues are resolved, that authoritative documents are required from the principals, and that future deposits and release of funds occur within the agreed upon constraints. An escrow receipt and critical dates e-mail is sent to all parties upon the receipt of any deposited funds.

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